Superhuman Warehouse Technology


Whether you are responsible for a manufacturing warehouse, distribution center, or managing inventory in your retail backroom, being well-connected is key. Having real-time visibility into all your assets, people, and processes is crucial to having an integrated, productive, profitable, and compliant supply chain. Rufus wearable computing and scanning solutions connect each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.


Inventory and Materials Management

Know the current status and location of all assets for greater productivity and cycle count efficiency. Seamlessly integrate your WMS, ERP, or inventory system on the Rufus Cuff via android app or web browser to enable hands-free inventory processes. Scan barcodes with the lightweight, rugged Rufus Ring while visualizing key data on your wrist with the Rufus Cuff.


Put-away and Replenishment

Ensure receivables are in the right location for efficient picking, inventory turn analysis, and to eliminate lost sales.

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Packing and Staging

Give your workers a hands-free environment to keep eyes on their task and the line moving. Our wearables improve productivity by 50% on day one.