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The massive growth of e-commerce has brought:

  • Record high numbers of item-level picks and returns

  • Consumer demand for shorter delivery times

  • Widespread distribution complexity

  • High workforce turnover

With these major changes to the industry comes the new reality of warehousing:

Your warehousing operations are expected to fulfill more orders in less time with fewer long-term employees.

Furthermore, your business can’t afford to ignore the major enterprise mobility changes happening on January 1, 2020. Microsoft® is ending its extended support of Windows® Embedded and Mobile operating systems. That means your legacy Windows devices are vulnerable to increased security risks and limited capabilities starting in less than 6 months.

Your ability to adapt to the massive technological and market forces in the warehousing industry depends largely on how rapidly you migrate from legacy devices to the latest Android mobile technology designed for Enterprise.

While the Windows end-of-life (EOL) is pain, we do have some good news. With the Rufus WorkHero connected operator platform, your warehouse mobile technology will NEVER go EOL. As part of our monthly subscription, we’ll make sure you never have to RFQ again and that you always have the latest hardware and tools for your team.

Contact us today about Rufus WorkHero and learn how we can migrate your workforce from Windows to the most advanced connected operator platform on the planet!