At Rufus Labs we believe every worker can achieve superhuman improvements, while also enjoying the workday a bit more than the guy above. In this post we’ll outline what Rufus can do for your team and why organizations across the globe are adopting our wearable technology and analytics platform.

The Platform:

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Our proprietary platform combines industrial wearables and our cloud enterprise software to bring superhuman tools to your workforce. Wearable devices bring task efficiency gains to workers while Rufus software adds performance analytics, communication, incident reporting, and a full overview of worker operations. From the warehouse to the battlefield, Rufus increases productivity, safety, and accuracy to industrial operations in multiple verticals. Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced technology to keep your workforce productive, safe, and happy. We do this by providing your team with 1) the latest Rufus ruggedized wearables 2) robust software and 3) world-class support. Let’s dive deeper into the 1,2,3’s of Rufus below:

1) Rugged Wearables

Rufus wearables replace handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, scanners, and clipboards, bringing hands-free computing to labor tasks. Our wearables are ruggedized and built with hard-work in mind to handle the toughest of environments.

Rufus Cuff

The Rufus Cuff is a wearable wrist computer that allows your Android work applications and web apps to run seamlessly on all workers in a familiar landscape form factor. Weighing only 6.5 oz and IP67 rated, the Rufus Cuff is both ergonomic and resilient, making inventory, manufacturing, field services, and many more areas of work more efficient than ever before.

Rufus Ring

The Rufus Ring is a lightweight, bluetooth barcode reader that sits effortlessly on inventory workers’ index finger. Paired with the Rufus Cuff, warehouse and inventory employees see a 30%+ increase in pick rate efficiency with 99.9% accuracy over traditional inventory methods. Measured in ounces instead of pounds like legacy, handheld barcode readers, the Rufus Ring reduces repeated strain from bulky scanning devices. Additionally, since the Ring is always on a workers’ finger, your team will not misplace or lose their devices on the warehouse floor, unlike cumbersome handheld devices.

2) Workforce Software Platform

In addition to our rugged wearable technology, we offer Rufus Enterprise Software on every Rufus Cuff. RES (Rufus Enterprise Software) brings a suite of tools specifically designed to help workforces and managers work more efficiently, safely, and accurately.

For workers - team members can access RES on the Rufus Cuff for team communication, task assignment, safety alerts, enterprise apps, and more.

For managers - supervisors of workforces have access to RES on a web dashboard that provides real-time workforce productivity, team communication, safety reporting, and more.

Moving your workforce applications from handheld devices to the wrist brings your team the freedom, mobility, and ease-of-use to reach heightened operational efficiency.

3) Superhuman Support

Our mission to provide best-in-class solutions includes full Rufus support:


Rufus sets up your facility with tech for all your workers (wearables, charge docks, accounts, etc). We’ll onboard and train your team so workers can get moving on day one, faster and better than ever before.

Go Ahead, Break It:

We know the job site can be tough on tech, and broken or damaged tools can mean days of lost productivity. If Rufus gear is damaged or broken, we’ll ship out new gear the same day to make sure your team is always up and running.

There you have it: a rundown of the Rufus Wearable Platform.
Contact us today to find out how Rufus can supercharge your workforce. Have a great day and stay tuned for more stories about Rufus in the wild!