Hiring and retaining talented, successful employees is hard work. In any industry. Having every tool in your belt to make sure your best employees remain happy at work means not having to endure the expensive cost of hiring new talent. While employee attrition is inevitable, the technology you provide your employees with is under your control and crucial to retaining and hiring top talent.

To give you an idea of how important workplace technology is, here are some hard facts:

According to a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, 58% of respondents say their organization’s technology offerings factor into a candidate’s decision to take the position.

Additionally 51% of employers say outdated and inadequate technology impedes their ability to retain employees with high-value skills and experience.

The numbers don’t lie: employees value companies who invest in technology and their decisions to stay or take a new job are directly affected by the caliber of workforce tech.

In the case of wearable technology, the same ideals hold true, especially for industrial workforces. When salaries and benefits for supply chain, manufacturing, or field service employees are roughly the same, the company whose tech makes workers lives safer and easier will win out.

In the warehousing space the demand for workers has seen a sharp increase. Warehousing services are expected to grow over the next five years at a compound annual rate of 6% which means warehouse labor demand will continue to rise, increasing competition for top talent. Growth in the warehousing sector is largely due to increasing competition to achieve next day delivery of e-commerce and retail goods. This means warehouses need the best talent and technology to move goods and achieve superhuman efficiency. Simply put, the competition to attract and retain the best workers is fierce. Wearable technology has proven to increase efficiency and productivity by 30%+ for warehousing tasks, thus making wearables a competitive edge and attractive benefit for employers hiring alpha employees.

With the latest, most user-friendly wearable technology, workers have an easier time on-boarding, reducing the cost of training. With faster processors, lightweight ergonomics and familiar user interfaces, workers achieve unprecedented efficiency gains with wearables over cumbersome legacy tools. Lastly, using the latest technology empowers workers to feel happier about their jobs, they feel invested-in and important to the success of the company as a whole. All of these benefits of wearable technology create what we at Rufus Labs like to call the superhuman workforce.

A workforce that is happy, optimized, and empowered is one that will love to come into work every day, making hiring and keeping talent far easier to manage.