superhuman Battlefield wearables

Traditional tablets and handheld devices aren’t enough when it comes to protecting and serving in the military. When your military mission can’t fail, neither can your primary data and communications source. Purposely built to weather the burden of battlefield operating conditions – from water to dust, rays of sunshine to pitch black darkness, and the rugged interior of a military combat vehicle – Rufus ultra-rugged wearable computers will prove they have the strength, stamina and dynamics to complete any job the military encounters on land, air, or sea.


The RUfus Cuff increases efficiency, safety, and accuracy of battlefield tasks such as:

  • Situational Awareness and Analysis

  • Military Special Operations

  • Mission Planning, Command and Control

  • Field Dispatch, Operations and Logistics

  • Field Information Access and Transmission Tracking

  • Security and Military Police Operations

  • Maintenance and Training

  • Flight Line and In-Vehicle Maintenance

  • Military Personnel, Vehicle, and Equipment Tracking and Deployment

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/UAS)


Your directive takes you to the farthest reaches of the globe. Every move you make is dependent on real-time intelligence and mission critical functionality. Interrupted data flow is not an option. Your only option is to deploy Rufus Cuff wearable computing solutions to centralize every mission on one robust platform. Rufus wearability means mission critical data and technology is always on your wrist, making it easier to access information and communications than ever before.